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Start small

To end up big

First element
The first key element in my workouts is being humble. As soon as you try to rush things, you will be facing your physical limitations within no time and thus your mental strength will be challenged.

Start small means to begin with just a few easy exercises, such as pushups and ab workouts. Start with one pushup daily, and increase that every week with one extra daily pushup. From there, you will find the motivation to pick up additional workouts.

Second element
The second element in the workout is consistency. Pick a moment every day for you to do the workout. Everyone has a moment of spare time during the morning or evening. A workout can be done in 5 - 15 minutes to complete your set of pushups, pull ups or squats.

Third element
The third and final element is continuity. Now that you have established your starting point and you workout on a daily basis, you need to keep doing this. Even when you are are on low energy, as a bad workout is still better than no workout.


With most of us having jobs that require to sit all day, weakening the muscles in your core, there is enough reason to work on this area.

With a strong midsection, you can alleviate the injury factor. So train your abdominals and oblique.



It is nice to have muscular arms to show off, but it is very handy during obstacle runs or even in daily life to have more strength in your arms.


Use squats, to pump up those legs. Having big muscles in your legs, will help you building a better body.


Apart from focus on strength, we should not forget about endurance. Make sure your body can keep up with the workouts.